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We offer custom gun coating for your worn Rifle/Shotgun or just to customize your favorite AR15/Pistol. Cerakote is the best surface coating and has been proven to resist abrasion, rust, and scratches. It is also chemical resistant once the baking/curing process is complete. This is the best coating we offer! Colors available are: FDE, Coyote brown, Tungsten, Black, Red, Silver, OD Green, Forrest green, Purple, Rose Gold, Copper.

KG Gunkote is a superb alternative to Cerakote and offers great protection for your firearm. It is a ceramic based oven cured coating which resist chemicals once the process is complete. This coating is 2nd to Cerakote but don't let that foot you! KG Gunkote is an economical alternative to Cerakote and offers good protection as well as availability of colors. Colors available are: Magpul FDE, Magpul ODG, Milspec ODG, Tungsten, Silver, Gold, Copper, HK Black, AK Black, Flat Black, Burnt Bronze, Pink, VZ blue, Neon Green, Statuary Brown, Nickel, Gunmetal grey, Coyote Brown, Executive grey.



AR15 upper-lower-handguard - $225 (Cerakote) $175 (Gunkote)

AR15 upper and lower - $200 / $150

AR15 lower or upper only - $100 / $75

Handgun Slide or Frame - $100 / $ 75

*Disassembly fee may apply ($50) 

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